08.11.18 Rachelle & Greg


Gary Reynold’s Party Barn

Noblesville, Indiana

Overview of the day:

This wedding took us to Noblesville, Indiana where the venue, Gary Reynold's Party Barn, was located in the countryside. The theme of the wedding? You guessed it: country. The day began with mild fog and heavy clouds that provided a nice softbox lighting to our outside morning footage of the groom and groomsmen. There was never a dull moment around these group of guys as they had us laughing from the very beginning. They enjoyed joking with each other, drinking beer and simply having a good time. The ladies of the bridal party were a treat to be around as well; they were all smiles and their color scheme amongst their dresses and bouqets were vibrant and beautiful. What contributed to the country theme were the plethora of baby's breath, the rustic decor and country boots, which every member of the bridal party wore (even the bride herself). Now to the good stuff: the food. Since this wasn't our first country-themed wedding, we can comment that they really know how to eat. The menu consisted of pulled BBQ sandwiches and beef brisket accompanied by sides of creamy macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and green beans. After the cake cutting, dessert included a variety of flavors such as lemon, red velvet, vanilla almond and chocolate. The day ended with romantic golden hour footage of the bride and groom at the bride's stepmother's country estate. There couldn't of been a more perfect ending! We even got a visit from the groom's dog, Goose, during filming.

Highlights of the day:

  • This wedding turned out to be a reunion. Amongst the guests were a couple whose wedding we filmed over a year prior as well as the same DJ and photographer! It felt like old times.

  • Fun fact: this wedding holds the record for shortest ceremony. Normally we expect about a 30-45 minute length time, but we were in and out in 15 minutes!

***Highlight video in progress, keep an eye out!



Table decor setup

Henrietta Ruppert